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skyhavok's Journal

hey , my name is sky (its suzy really but i hate the name on me) , im in love with a.f.i and all the beauty surrounding them . I hate chavs and posers, i belive in beauty in things such as snow , davey hvaok (;) cant disagree with me there)and love . i hate my life, hate everything in it , would kill to be anyone else , i think im a waste of space , but i feel like i can express my feelings through writing and my music writing . I'm in a band which i play drums for . Dont give a shit about fame , but still hope to get soemwhere with it . Suicide is my future no one can deny that or stop that from happening , bullying has taken over my life so much that i feel just about ready to go . My music has helped me alot , such as , A.F.I, all american rejects , avril lavinge , nickle back , H.I.M and loads more ....
iv just been diagnosed with anorexia , and been rushed into hospital for starving myself for 8 days , shows how stupid iam , i cant eat normally , because i feel like a failure , i hate it , i want to be normal again , someone help me