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31 March 2008 @ 01:06 pm
why is it so hard , i hate it , i want everything to be the way it was. summer as normal , winter as it always was, im ot even allowed to go to school because im so weak , what is wrong with me . i just want everythign being normal , but i have to go away for along time , away from home and everyone , i avent speaken to my friends in months , the probarly forgot me . Please stop haunting me , i want to be normal again
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08 February 2008 @ 03:15 pm
IMVU - The World's Greatest 3D Chat

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31 January 2008 @ 11:00 pm

The snow was falling as the wind blew ,each snow flake scattered into a romantic dance. The lake was froze and the road was quiet. The snow was falling silently like the rest of the town that remained in indoors ,asleep in a winter evening. The icey road looked like and artic heaven as the fresh bed of snow fell onto the ground, so silently and so peacefully ,this could have been heaven. The light on the lampposts reflected onto the icey lake and they turned to blurs as tears fell from a running boy. No cars crossed the bridge at night , the winter was spread across all the way to the other side of what looked like an ice rink. On the ledge of the bridge sat a young boy he was perfectly camouflaged into the bed of snow that gently fell, suffocating him as it did. He was alive, crying onto the white bed that surrounded him. The silence was disturbed as a car drove past ,snow flying into the air as it went past and it gently floated down as the sooty air still lingered. The young boy put the tips of his fingers through the snow ,delicately toughing every frozen particle. His eyes were stuck on a forever staring gaze at the frozen lake below, He finally got to his frozen feet ,and looked down once more , the height of the bridge , if he fell, would bring him to his death, The height was breath taking , the trees up ahead looked like a winter forest ,as the wind blow snow fell off of the white giants, his feet slowly edged more and more to the side looking down at the giant bed of ice that lay below him. His thoughts had disappeared in the cold of the snow .mind scattered and an steady gaze on the iced lake. But it broke. “don’t jump” a close voice sounded

The boy turned his head round breaking what seemed to be a bound with his death state. “why” his voice was emotionless and it echoed the air fading away getting lost in the endless snow . The young boy took a look at who was really there, a young boy was staring back at him with blonde hair well partly blonde and the rest was a dark brunette .his face was pale from the snow and his eyes were big and blue . He outstretched his hand “what’s your name” the emotionless boy looked at him with a killing gaze “its Davey”

“ok Davey , I’m jade, grab my hand” Davey gave him another stair “I cant”. and took a step towards the lake and fell into the ice ,breaking it instantly and falling into the cold, dark water below. He was drowning , deeper and deeper he fell in to the dark abyss. The ice above was reflecting a faint light into the water of which hope still lied.

The water melted away into an amaranth, that Davey longed to be in angel wings were painted across his back and the sky was ice white like the heaven he had imagined, until it vanished away from the perfect land and back in to the water where a hand grabbed onto his sleeve and quickly pulled the young boy out.

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